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Who Are We?

Effortless Hawaii isn’t just a product…it’s a paradigm shift. Dreamt by, designed by, and deployed by engineers who understand business needs. Our team has worked together for almost a decade in the IT industry and is fortunate to be exposed to technologies in the industry that are not only leading edge, but bleeding edge.

With Effortless Hawaii, we created a business model that is allowing us to be part of or provide complete IT services from help desk support to enterprise level consulting. We become an integral component to forging a path for our clients and directing them with technologies that allow, aid, and further their ability to do what they do best as a business, not what they don't want to do — IT. Technology should work for us; we don't need to work for technology. We continue to leverage our skills with our entrepreneurial drive and business acumen to further the Effortless Hawaii solution as the future of computing.

We believe in our future, your future. We believe that technology should allow us to live life more productively. We believe in working to live and not living to work. With these belief’s we wanted to develop a product that could truly empower us to do this. With most of us spending over a third of our lives working, we wanted to bring to all of us a tool to make our work easier.

No longer do you have to worry about having a support staff there to assist with problems related to your Effortless Hawaii solution. The Effortless Hawaii team can support everything from the device you are connecting with to the custom applications you might have had installed in your Effortless Hawaii cloud. With 24/7/365 support and different levels of support level expertise, the Effortless Hawaii team supporting you ranges from application level development experience to full server level and enterprise level skillsets.

Our Team

Our Team Members

Meet the team behind Effortless Office Hawaii.


Effortless Hawaii allows you to access your desktop from anywhere in the world on any device. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a PC, Mac, Kindle, Chromebook, iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to access your desktop and data from anywhere. We are a complete Enterprise Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution.

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Stability
  • Data Security
  • Virtual Servers
  • Cost Savings
  • Ease of use and implementation
  • Cloud Mail / Hosted Exchange
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Mobility


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. VDI is a variation on the client/server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing. The term was coined by VMware Inc.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud service in which the back-end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is hosted by a cloud service provider.


The recovery time objective (RTO) is the targeted duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster (or disruption) in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity.


The recovery point objective (RPO) is the age of files that must be recovered from backup storage for normal operations to resume if a computer, system, or network goes down as a result of a hardware, program, or communications failure. The RPO is expressed backward in time (that is, into the past) from the instant at which the failure occurs, and can be specified in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. It an important consideration in disaster recovery planning (DRP).


The technology is fairly new, so we have not tested it extensively, but early reviews say that the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Stick works well. It has a built in Client to connect to VMWare View Desktops such as the ones Effortless Hawaii uses.


EFFORTLESS HAWAII, all you ever need to build powerful virtual cloud IT infrastruture!

We'll spin up FREE demo accounts all day for you to test how robust our product is.

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